The main decoration of the Conference Hall interior is the painting on the ceiling, which exceeds 17 meters in diameter, made by the Professor of History painting V. Shebuyev. It is a multifigure composition The celebration on the Olympus of the foundation of the fine arts in Russia. The center of the composition shows Apollo in a chariot drawn by four horses against the background of the sun. Ahead of him fly Aurora, Iris and the infant genius scattering flowers on the way of the Sun god and patron of the arts. In the distance we see the gods of Olympus with their attributes: Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite and others; they are seated on the clouds on both sides of the chariot. Below the chariot are two groups of Muses, embodying science and art as young beautiful women. Between them is Hermes and Glory, the messenger of the gods, flying towards the viewer. Glory is holding a trumpet and a white banner. The staff of the banner is decorated with two laurel wreaths and the cloth is inscribed: “1764, 4 November”. On this day Catherine II granted the the Academy of Arts its “Charter, staff and privileges”. This date is considered to be the official date of its foundation. The painting of the plafond demonstrates Shebuyev’s mastership and is deservedly ranked among the best Russian monumental and decorative paintings of the 19th century.

An important role in the decoration of the hall is played by its sculptural décor. Above the door leading to the lobby, one can see a relief Zeus, Hera, and Ganymede, and above the side doors there are casts from reliefs by I. Prokofiev from the lobby downstairs: Genius and Arts and Establishment of the Charter of the Academy of Arts. These doors connect the Conference Hall to the two double-height galleries – the Raphael and Titian Halls.